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Southern Shaolin Dog Boxing (DiShu Quan) is a very rare and traditional art of Kungfu. A famous nun called SiYueDaShi, “四月大师”, who once lived at the LianHua (White Lotus) Nunnery (莲花庵) in the east of QuanZhou City, Fujian. She spread the art of Dog fighting and it has survived the test of time due to the fact that as a fighting art it works so efficiently. The system has no flamboyant movements but every part is practical to the core. The main aim in DiShu Quan is to bind the opponent or opponents' with the legs, keeping the hands free to manipulate the opponent further if required. A very high level of flexibility is obtained over the years of training and through

the two person binding exercises a high level of pain threshold is also manifested. Further more the understanding of body’s muscle, blood, nervous and acupressure points is vital to the comprehension of the system. DiShu Quan is a soft art, flowing around the aggressor and then binding the opponents limbs and torso to the point of snapping. The ability to move on the floor naturally and be able to snap ferociously like the dogs temperament is advantageous. Like a dog shaking this can be applied when defending or also when attacking. To most people the ground is not a natural place to be, but a dog style practitioner describes the floor like having a massage.